LED Profile Lights on Walls: A Comprehensive Guide

LED Profile Light on Wall A Comprehensive Guide

In recent years, LED profile lights have become a popular choice for interior and exterior lighting, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits. This article explores the various aspects of LED profile lights on walls, providing a detailed guide to help you understand their uses, types, installation methods, and benefits. Whether you are an interior designer, an architect, or a homeowner, this guide will offer valuable insights into integrating LED profile lights into your walls space.

What is an LED Profile Light on the Walls?

The Wall LED Profile Light is an extruded aluminum profile for wall lighting that houses an LED strip (sold separately) that diffuses light through a diffuser to provide even, soft illumination on the wall.

Users usually install LED wall lights on the top or side of the wall to achieve different wall lighting effects. Additionally, use LED channels to illuminate walls from the ceiling, creating a wider, open feeling of space. Moreover, the light strip channels with upward, downward, and double-sided lighting will expand the range of visual perception and bring better comfort to the indoor environment.

Types of LED Profile Lights on Wall

LED profile light walls come in various configurations to suit different wall lighting needs and design preferences. Here are the main types:

Glow Upward

Install upward-glowing LED profile lights on the wall, directing the light toward the ceiling. This type of lighting creates a soft, diffused glow that enhances the sense of space and adds a touch of elegance. It works well for living rooms, hallways, and any area where you prefer indirect lighting.

Wall upward emitting LED aluminum profile

Glow Downward

Downward-glowing LED profile lights direct light toward the floor, providing focused illumination that is perfect for highlighting specific areas or objects. This type of lighting is commonly used in galleries and retail spaces.

Wall downward emitting LED aluminum profile

Luminous on Both Sides

LED profile lights that emit light on both sides are versatile and can be used to create stunning visual effects. These lights are perfect for creating a balanced and symmetrical lighting effect in rooms, corridors, or staircases. They can also be used as decorative elements in commercial spaces.

Wall double-sided

Recessed LED Strip Profiles

Recessed LED strip profiles can also be used for wall mounting, creating a seamless, stylish look that complements modern interior designs. Additionally, the recessed LED strip lights provide a clean, unobtrusive lighting solution that further enhances the overall aesthetics of a space.

Recessed LED Strip Profiles

How to Fix the LED Profile Light on the Walls?

Installing LED profile lights on the walls involves several steps to ensure a secure and professional finish. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Planning and Measurement
    Start by planning the layout of your LED profile lights. Measure the wall where you want the light to be installed and mark the location. Consider the length of the LED strip and aluminum profile. Furthermore, the LED strip needs to be a little narrower than the profile to ensure they fit perfectly, a little narrower than the profile to ensure they fit perfectly.
  2. Cutting the Profiles
    Cut the aluminum profiles to the desired length using a hacksaw or a power tool. Make sure the cuts are clean and smooth to ensure a neat installation.
  3. Installing the LED Strips
    Peel off the adhesive backing from the LED strips and attach them inside the aluminum profiles. Ensure the strips are aligned correctly and securely attached.
  4. Mounting the Profiles
    Using screws and wall anchors, mount the aluminum profiles onto the wall. Ensure they are level and securely fixed to avoid any sagging or misalignment.
  5. Connecting the Power Supply
    Connect the LED strips to a compatible power supply. Ensure all connections are secure and insulated to prevent any electrical hazards.
  6. Testing and Adjustments
    Turn on the power to test the LED profile lights. Check for any issues with the lighting or alignment and make necessary adjustments.


LED profile lights on walls are an excellent choice for modern lighting solutions. Their versatility, energy efficiency and aesthetics make them suitable for a wide range of applications in residential and commercial settings.

In fact, we have several types of LED aluminum profiles and channels designed for mounting LED strips to walls or floors. All walls come with additional fittings and can be easily flush mounted for the ultimate modern look and feel. If you require any product information, please contact us.

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