2024 Ultimate Guide for LED Aluminum Profile

Ultimate Guide for LED Aluminum Profile

LED aluminum profile, also known as LED aluminum channel, LED strip channel, LED aluminum extrusion and LED aluminum housing. Its main raw material is aluminum, and it comes with an LED PC cover, end cap, and mounting buckles as a set. Its main purpose is to install and protect LED strip lights. Most importantly, it can also help LED strip lights dissipate heat quickly.

LED aluminum profiles are increasingly popular in architectural lighting and commercial residential applications. There are many benefits to using LED aluminum profiles. LED aluminum profiles can not only better protect LED strip lights but also extend the use time of LED light strips.

More importantly, the combination of LED aluminum extrusion and LED strip lights becomes decorative architectural lighting. It supports ceiling mounting, surface mounting, and embedded series, and there are better installation methods to choose from.

A Complete LED Aluminum Profile System

We can find complete LED aluminum profile accessories, including LED aluminum profile, LED strip lights, LED PC covers, end caps at both ends and mounting clips. There are also some LED aluminum profile series with customized or special buckles. For example, suspension LED aluminum channel require hanging wires, and special LED aluminum profiles installed at angles require customized installation buckles.

A Complete LED Aluminum Profile System

LED Aluminum Profile

The LED aluminum channel’s main raw material is aluminum. It is extruded by the machine into various sizes and shapes. The size and shape of each LED aluminum profile are different, and there are many types: Embedded LED aluminum profile, Surface-mounted LED aluminum profile, Wall series LED aluminum profile, etc.

In addition, the color of the LED aluminum profile can also be selected. The regular ones are silver and black; you can choose according to your needs. It also supports customizing other aluminum profile colors if you need them.

LED Aluminum PC Cover (LED channel diffuser)

The LED PC Cover (LED channel diffuser) is one of the accessories of the LED aluminum profile. Its function is to protect the LED strip lights, improve the lighting effect of the LED light, and make the LED light distribution more uniform. In addition, it will not directly harm people’s eyes, thereby achieving better LED lighting effects.

We mainly sell material PC covers, which have many colors to choose from: clear PC covers, diffuser PC covers, opal PC covers, and black PC covers. You can choose according to your needs.

Some LED channel diffusers are Free-bending LED aluminum profile series and can be bent into a circle, which is a free arc series, while some LED profile covers can only be straight.

Different PC covers have different light transmissions.

The following are the light transmittances of LED PC covers of different colors for your reference. Choose the right PC diffuser based on the lighting effect you want.

LED PC Cover (LED channel diffuser)

►Clear – light transmittance 95-90%. If you need a little more brightness, this PC cover can achieve maximum brightness.
►Diffuser – 80-70% light transmittance. Textured brightness is above average.
►Opal – 65-60% light transmittance. Medium brightness, bright, and warm.
►Black – 35-30% light transmittance. The focus is not on brightness; this is a special engineering use, mainly to enhance the atmosphere.

LED Aluminum Profile End Cap

Generally speaking, a one-meter LED strip light and LED aluminum extrusion will be equipped with two end caps. One end cap has holes for the LED strip light wires to pass through, and the other end cap has no holes. But you need to choose this yourself. You can also choose to have both end caps have holes, which makes it easier for you to connect the power supply.

The main function of the end cap is to seal the LED aluminum channel to protect the LED strip from damage as well as dust and moisture. So, this is also one of the necessary accessories for LED aluminum extrusion.

Mounting Clip

It is very simple for us to install the LED aluminum profile, but it must be fixed with accessory mounting clips. Therefore, we cannot fix aluminum channel steel without installation clips. Generally, one meter of aluminum channel steel is equipped with two installation clips. Some special LED aluminum channels require special installation accessories.

The LED aluminum channel profile mounting clips include stainless steel clips, PC buckles, spring clips, swivel brackets, swivel brackets, suspension brackets, and pendant kits.

What are the Benefits of LED Aluminum Profile?

LED aluminum profile material is aluminum, and polycarbonate diffusers offer several advantages in various lighting applications. Here are some of the main advantages:

What are the benefits of LED Aluminum Profile

Even light

LED aluminum profiles effectively scatter and diffuse light, minimizing glare and producing soft, evenly distributed lighting.

Protect LED strips

It can protect the LED strip lights from damage. Additionally, the diffusing properties of the LED PC cover help create a beautiful and uniform appearance.

Reduce glare

By using LED strip lights, the aluminum-profile PC covers help reduce glare. This has a great impact on office environments and retail spaces, making the lighting space more comfortable for the occupants.


LED aluminum channels come in a variety of styles and designs, generally surface mount and flush mount. Usually, the effect we want is to only see the light source but not the light body. It is an all-in-one modern and advanced lamp design.


Aluminum and polycarbonate are durable materials that are impact and breakage-resistant. LED aluminum extrusion protects the underlying LED components while also extending the life of the lighting fixture.

Easy maintenance

LED aluminum profiles are generally easy to clean and maintain. Its smooth surface prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt, and you can clean it directly with a rag, ensuring the brightness and consistency of the light.

Easy to install

Polycarbonate is a lightweight material, so the LED aluminum profile is easy to handle and install. There are press-in and push-in types and different models of LED profile PC covers.

Overall, LED aluminum profile is versatile and beautiful, making them a popular choice for a variety of lighting applications. You can choose different products according to your needs.

What Types of LED Aluminum Profile We Have?

LED aluminum profiles are diverse and come in many different sizes and models. We distinguish them by their different functionalization and installation methods. Next, I will briefly introduce to you our main best-selling and conventional LED aluminum channel.

What types of LED aluminum profiles we have

LED Profile Light Series

This is the LED Profile Light Series, which contains many best-selling and conventional aluminum profiles, such as Mini LED aluminum profiles, Hot-sale LED aluminum profiles, LED Standard aluminum profiles, universal LED aluminum profiles, recessed LED aluminum profiles, ceiling light LED aluminum profiles, floor LED aluminum profiles so on.

There are many series of LED aluminum channels to choose from, and you can choose the right style according to your lighting plan. It can be used both to protect LED strips and as a light fixture. It is characterized by its thin design, which is easy to fit in a small space and can be used in a full range of sizes and designs for different lighting solutions. To meet the lighting designs required for different scenes.

Free-bending LED aluminum Profile series

The free-bending LED aluminum profile series is a new product that is a sublimation of straight lines into curves. It comes with an extra-long, seamless silicone mask that can be spliced freely. You can choose your combination of curves and straight lines to form a variety of creative spaces with infinite possibilities. It also provides more creative solutions for various types of spaces, such as commercial, office, and home.

Free bending LED aluminum profiles series has four series of LED aluminum profiles to choose from 12mm series, 22mm series, floor series, and special series. Their appearance is simple and compact, and their ultra-thin size does not take up space. Their main feature is that they can roam freely on the ceiling, walls, and floors, enhancing the artistry of indoor lighting design.

Architectural LED aluminum profile series

The Architectural LED aluminum profile series products tend to be comfortable and simple. This series of LED aluminum profile products is installed within the building structure, using reasonable light source distribution to create a warm atmosphere. It presents a soft and bright lighting effect, which meets the needs of customers for interior design without main lights. Lamps not only have lighting effects but also a pursuit of quality of life and a yearning for inner peace.

Architectural profile series include without edge series, with edge series, wall-washing series, floor series, etc. The appearance is simple and beautiful, and the ultra-thin size does not take up space. Not only does it have good lighting effects, but it can also be enjoyed as wall art decoration. Pay attention to the indoor light-free effect, polarized wall washing, and uniform light distribution.

Black LED aluminum profile Series

Black LED aluminum profile series products have the function of “turning on the lights for lighting and turning off the lights for decoration.”. After turning off the lights, the black aluminum profile is exposed, which has a simple yet high-end look and plays a role as lighting decoration in home decoration. Relying on black lines, various fashionable shapes can be constructed to highlight the ultimate beauty of linear lighting.

The black LED aluminum profile series includes surface-mounted series, floor-standing series, embedded series, and ceiling-mounted series. Flat light, uniform illumination. Bilateral structure, not easy to deform, used for decorative lines. Single or double-sided hanging, 360° lighting, double-sided up and down illumination. The light is soft and even, and the installation methods are diverse.

Cabinet LED aluminum profile series

The cabinet LED aluminum profile series products have various structures and colors to meet the matching needs of customers. Provides magnetic installation or edgeless buckle installation to meet the lighting requirements at the bottom of wardrobes, wine cabinets, shelves, glass, and wall cabinets. It not only has a lighting function but also creates the atmosphere of the indoor space, captures people’s visual focus, and creates a bright, smart, and exquisite space.

Kitchen light LED aluminum profile product series include without edge series, with edge series, surface mounting series, and 8MM/18MM card glass series. Various models for cabinets, wardrobes, wine cabinets, and decorative items. It emits light from up and down or from three sides. The light-emitting surface can face the glass surface and can serve as a lighting and load-bearing bracket.

Why Choose An LED Aluminum Profile?

LED aluminum extrusion profiles have many advantages. It is a must-have accessory for LED strip lights. It can not only protect the LED strip lights but also make the LED strip lights beautiful. This makes it a popular choice for a variety of lighting applications. Here are some key reasons why you should choose LED aluminum extrusions:

Why Choose LED Aluminum Profile

Help Dissipate Heat

We all know that aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat. Therefore, LED aluminum extrusion profiles can effectively dissipate heat and help maintain the optimal operating temperature of LEDs. This extends the life of the LED strip lights system and enhances its performance.


Aluminum is a durable and lightweight material with a high strength-to-weight ratio. LED aluminum extruded profiles are corrosion-resistant, so they can effectively ensure service life and reliability.


The LED aluminum channel allows for a variety of design options, enabling the creation of a variety of shapes and forms. This versatile LED aluminum profile can realize functional and aesthetic solutions in lighting design.


LED aluminum extrusions are typically machine extruded. The length can be customized, the normal ones are 1 meter/pcs, 2 meters/pcs, and 3 meters/pcs. But if you need a special length, it can also be customized.

Easy Installation

Aluminum profiles are very easy to install. Our LED aluminum profiles are all equipped with mounting buckles. You can directly fix the position of the mounting buckles and then install the profile.

Enhance Aesthetics

LED Aluminum extrusions give lighting fixtures a sleek, modern look. They can become an integral part of the overall design, providing a clean, polished look to lighting fixtures.

Uniform Light

LED strip lights paired with LED aluminum profiles help achieve uniform light distribution. There are no light spots; it looks like a whole lighting fixture.

LED Protection

LED aluminum extrusions in addition to assisting in heat dissipation. At the same time, a big role is to provide physical protection for LED strip lights and other components.

Wide Range of Applications

LED aluminum extrusions are suitable for a wide range of applications. Including architectural lighting, interior decoration, cabinet lighting, floor lighting, and other commercial or residential lighting projects.

In summary, the LED aluminum profile offers a range of combined benefits, including effective heat dissipation, durability, design versatility, and ease of installation. These factors make them the first choice for optimizing the performance and aesthetics of LED lighting systems.

Where Is LED Aluminum Profile Used?

LED aluminum profiles are versatile products that can be used in a variety of spaces. It can help us achieve lighting needs and improve aesthetics. The following are some common places where LED aluminum channels are used:

Architectural lighting:
LED aluminum profiles are widely used in architectural lighting, mainly indoor lighting decoration. Mainly ceiling, floor, and wall lighting. Their stylish designs can be incorporated into architectural elements, enhancing the overall aesthetics of a space.

Sales counter:
In sales cabinets where products are arranged, LED aluminum profiles can highlight the products and create visual appeal. They can be installed inside shelves, display cabinets, etc.

Cabinet lighting:
LED aluminum profiles are widely used in cabinets, bookcases, closets, and furniture lighting. They offer seamless and energy-efficient solutions that provide lighting solutions while enhancing taste.

Office Space:
LED aluminum profiles are integrated into office spaces for task and ambient lighting. Task lighting is usually suspended LED profiles, while ambient lighting is installed on office ceilings, partitions, or workspace boundaries.

Showcases and displays:
LED aluminum profiles are used in product showcases, display cabinets, and museum exhibits to provide directional lighting and enhance the visibility and presentation of displayed items.

Stair lighting:
LED aluminum profiles are used to illuminate stairs, passages, and walkways. It mainly functions as lighting, enhances safety, and adds decorative elements to outdoor and indoor spaces.

Ceiling lighting:
LED aluminum profiles along the ceiling provide main-light lighting. Create visual appeal and ambience in residential and commercial environments with suspended, surface-mounted, and recessed installations.

How to Install the LED Aluminum Profile?

Different LED aluminum profiles have different main installation methods, including hanging installation, surface installation, etc. In short, the process of installing LED aluminum profiles is very simple, you can refer to the following step-by-step guide for installing LED aluminum profile:

Materials needed:
LED aluminum profile, LED strip lights, LED power supply, LED controller (if needed),
LED strip mounting bracket or clip, tape measure.

How to Install the LED Aluminum Profile

Step-by-step installation guide

Step 1: Measure and cut the LED aluminum profile

Accurately measure the installation position of the LED aluminum profile, and cut the LED strip lights to the same size as the LED aluminum profile. First, clean the installation surface and keep it tidy.

Step 2: Install the LED aluminum profile

Use screws or mounting brackets to secure the profile in place. If there is an additional mounting bracket, it can be used together.

Step 3: Install LED strip lights

Fit the LED strip tightly into the aluminum profile. Use mounting brackets or clamps to secure the LED strip within the profile. Ensure that the LED light strips are evenly distributed along the length of the profile.

Step 4: Install the end cap

Insert the end cap into the open end of the aluminum profile. One end needs to have a hole for the LED strip light to pass out, and then connect the power supply.

Step 5: Connect the LED Strip lights

Connect the LED strip to the LED power supply, ensuring a safe connection to maintain normal functionality.

Step 6: Cover the diffuser

If everything is connected, put the LED PC covers on and slide them into place on the LED strips inside the aluminum profile.

Step 7: Connect power

Connect the LED strip to the power source, making sure the voltage and current specifications match. Be sure to choose a compatible power supply to reduce failures.

Step 8: Test the installation

Turn on the power and test the LED strip to make sure it is working properly. Always disconnect power before checking connections.

Step 9: Secure excess wiring

Use clips or adhesives to neatly secure excess wiring to the aluminum profile, keeping the installation neat and organized.

Tips and Notes

  • Please choose the right size LED aluminum profiles and accessories.
  • Make sure the installation location is clean and dust-free for beautiful results.
  • If you need to cut aluminum profiles, please measure the dimensions and ensure safety.
  • If you are unsure about any step, please consult the manufacturer promptly.
  • When checking connections, be sure to disconnect the power supply before operating.


LED aluminum profile offers a range of combined benefits, including effective heat dissipation, durability, design versatility, and ease of installation. This makes LED aluminum profiles the first choice for optimizing the performance and aesthetics of LED lighting systems. In addition, the diverse applications of LED aluminum profiles in different industries and environments demonstrate their adaptability and versatility in lighting design.
We are an LED aluminum profile manufacturer. If you have any needs for our LED aluminum profiles, please contact us.


What is LED aluminum profile?

LED aluminum profiles are machine-extruded, linear extrusions of aluminum used as housings for LED strip lights. It comes as a set with an LED PC cover and end cap.

What is the function of LED aluminum profiles?

The working principle of LED aluminum profiles is to help LED light strips dissipate heat and provide functions such as thermometers to achieve uniform light distribution. Because the LED aluminum profile has a simple, linear shape, it not only provides a safe and beautiful housing for the LED light bar.

What are the benefits of using LED aluminum profiles?

LED aluminum profiles have many advantages, including effective heat dissipation, durability, easy installation, protection of LED strips, and enhanced aesthetics. They also allow customization and modularity in lighting design.

Does LED aluminum profile support cutting size?

Yes. However, we recommend that customers measure the size of the LED aluminum profile themselves, and we can cut it to the appropriate size. Our regular sizes are 1 meter per piece, 2 meter per piece, and 3 meter per piece.

Does the LED aluminum profile come with a diffuser?

Yes, our LED aluminum profiles are equipped with LED diffusers. But LED diffusers are available in several colors, and you need to choose based on its functionality. Diffusers help diffuse light, reduce glare and provide even illumination.

Can all LED light strips be matched with LED aluminum profiles?

Yes, it mainly depends on the width and length of the LED light strip and LED aluminum profile, as well as the cutting length. Then use LED light strips as the basis to select LED aluminum profiles with different functions. Make sure the profile and LED strip are compatible for the best performance.

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